We were not called to be served,
we were called to serve.

The church is called the body of Christ. We can show the heart of Christ by loving the world around us. We can be the hands of Christ by serving those in need. We can be the feet of Christ by going with the Gospel. Are you willing to serve?

Dream Team

The Mt. Carmel Dream Team consists of our staff and volunteers who make every worship experience happen. They are the ones who prep the coffee, greet the guests, play the music, control the lighting, care for the kids, and dozens of other important things to make our church a place where people who are near or far from God can come home. If you call our church home, we urge you to get involved and commit to serving on our dream team at least once a month.

Please let us know if you are interested in hearing about the many ways where you can get plugged in and assigned to a team.

Guest Services

Guest Services team members have the responsibility to make our first time guests feel welcomed and able to focus on their experience with God without being distracted. They are directing traffic, holding open doors, shaking hands, and always smiling.

Student Ministry

Our Student Ministry team members are fully background checked and certified and absolutely love kids. They make sure all our kid experiences are safe and fun, and they personally connect with your kids to make sure they are connecting with God through their experience at our church.

Tech Team

Our tech team is responsible for expressing the culture and values of our church. Do you like designing graphics, writing stories into video, building website and social media content, and keeping up with technology? Our creative team could use you!

Serve our City

We ♥ our city.

Throughout the year, we find different ways to love and serve our community. Page County is the place God has called us to love, and we intend to do everything we can to love our home.

The Life Center

The Life Center provides free and confidential assistance to pregnant women and families with young children, including free pregnancy tests, parenting classes, abortion alternatives, post-abortion support and material help (clothes, diapers, baby food, formula, car seats, cribs, and strollers).

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Living River

Ezekiel 47:9 says, “…There will be life everywhere the river goes.” The mission of the Living River Ministry is to share the blessings and benefits of godly fatherhood in fatherless homes in our community. The men of the Living River Ministry seek to provide a godly father-figure example by building relationships through outdoor activities (fishing, hunting, canoeing), counsel, and daily prayer.

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Our Chains Are Gone reaches out to former inmates and their families to help them transition from a life without direction to one that is centered on Christ and His direction for them. Our Chains Are Gone offers job-placement counseling, information about social services benefits, and a network of caring men to offer practical support and spiritual encouragement from God’s Word.

In addition to these programs, we host events to give our people even more opportunities to serve our city.

Global Missions

Save the Planet

At the end of it all, this world will end. But we have a hope in Jesus that is eternal, and we believe we are called to take His message of salvation to the furthest ends of the earth.

Ready to hop on a plane to save the world? Let us know and we’ll help you get wherever God is calling you.